Protecting one’s “cyber” privacy consists in securing one’s personal data on the Internet and on the networks. The more we are exposed to and dependent on digital technology, the greater the risk of having our data exposed.

Protect your privacy

Data, we choose to expose or not, is worth its weight in gold for multinationals or states, because it allows them to predict our behaviors and eventually to influence them. This awareness should help to restore the right balance.

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How to setup Startpage on Firefox, Chrome, Opera… as default search

Sick of Google and Bing... Want something even better than DuckDuckGo ? Go for Startpage. How to setup ...
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DuckDuckGo vs. Startpage: Which one is the best and safest?

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Watching TV

Random Face Generator (This Person Does Not Exist)

Generate a random human face in 1 click and upload it! The AI generated fake pictures of people: ...
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How to uninstall Google Mail and Youtube on Android ?

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Bitcoin ATMs locations

A quick and easy way to withdraw cash from your bitcoin wallet is to use ATM Bitcoin ATMs ...
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Understand OAuth 2.0 vs OpenID Connect vs SAML

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Pay on Amazon in cash, it’s possible

Top up your Amazon account with cash at any participating store, free of charge. It's possible! Pay on ...
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34 Firefox tweaks for better privacy – advanced users (2021)

Firefox offer plenty of hidden setups, not available in the default settings interface, that you can tweak to ...
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Data center servers

Free Cryptomator vault on pCloud, vs pCloud Crypto

pCloud propose for 175 USD (lifetime) a proprietary solution to encrypt your data at rest in a vault ...
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How to delete my facebook account forever

In terms of privacy, facebook is certainly not the best thing ever created. In addition to sharing your ...
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