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Best anonymous web hosting in 2021

If you’ve ever thought about keeping your web host’s IP and domain information away from prying eyes, you were not the only one to have had those thoughts. There are a lot of reasons you might want your web hosting to be completely anonymous. And luckily for you, you’ll have a lot of options in this respect.

What is an anonymous hosting ?

Anonymous hosting allows you to

  1. access your hosting services through a no-log VPN (= it does not block VPN)
  2. register under a pseudonym which doesn’t require you to provide any IDs or postal address
  3. use an anonymous disposable email address
  4. pay using crypto currency

Location in an offshore jurisdiction, out of USA and EU, is a plus.

Limits of anonymous hosting

Whatever your reason is for needing anonymous hosting, shady stuff on the dark web or simply wanting to hide what you’re doing from your friends who tend to pry a lot. Although we’ll also take the liberty to tell you that criminal activities, even when done through the dark web, are not, and will for sure not be condoned by web hosting providers. Be aware of that.

Best anonymous web hosting


Hostinger (Lithuania) is one of the world’s largest web hosting companies offering anonymous and offshore services.

More info:


The mission of Shinjiru (Malaysia) is to protect privacy, a fundamental human right. They have been providing offshore and anonymous web hosting services since year 2000.

More info:

Anonymous Speech

Anonymous Speech (Malaysia) hosts your website completely anonymously in our offshore located facility in Malaysia.

More info:

Accu Web Hosting

Accu Web Hosting (USA) provides the most flexibility for anonymous hosting, protection, and consumer satisfaction.

More info:


HostGator (USA) has quite the reputation in offering super fast hosting speed, tons of storage, and an unmetered bandwidth.

More info:


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