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Pay on Amazon in cash, it’s possible

Top up your Amazon account with cash at any participating store, free of charge. It’s possible!

Pay on Amazon with cash

A simple, no-cost way to pay with cash at

  1. Take your cash to a participating store and ask at checkout to use Amazon Recharge near you.
  2. Identify yourself by using your barcode. You can also request an Amazon Recharge Code.
  3. Pay cash between €5 and €500 to add this amount to your Amazon account. This amount can then be used to buy millions of products on Amazon.

2 ways to add cash

Participating stores will offer you at least one of these two methods:

Top up your Amazon account by barcode

Show your barcode at the checkout of a participating store to identify yourself.

Recharge your Amazon account by recharge code

Request a reload code at the checkout of a participating store. It will be printed on a receipt and you will then need to manually add it to your account at

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