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List of LinkedIn data leaks of all time

Having an account and a resume on LinkedIn is a must today when looking for a job. But it is also one of the main sources of information to start an attack by social engineering, not to mention the massive information leaks that occur repeatedly, just like on Facebook.

List LinkedIn data leakage of all time

2021: 700 million users in June (API abuse)

700 million LinkedIn users leaked out of their 792 millions users (92%). The data seemed to have been obtained by exploiting the LinkedIn API to harvest information that people upload to the site.

Leaked data include email Addresses, full names, phone numbers, physical addresses, geolocation records, linkedIn username and profile URL, personal and professional experience/background, genders, other social media accounts and usernames,

2016: 100 million users in May (compromised emails and passwords)

LinkedIn had 164 million email addresses and passwords exposed. Originally hacked in 2012, the data remained out of sight until being offered for sale on a dark market site 4 years later. The passwords in the breach were stored as SHA1 hashes without salt, the vast majority of which were quickly cracked in the days following the release of the data.

2012:6.5 million users in June (stolen passwords)

Passwords for nearly 6.5 million user accounts were stolen. Yevgeniy Nikulin was convicted of the crime and sentenced to 88 months in prison.Prosecutors alleged that Nikulin stole a LinkedIn employee’s username and password, using them to gain access to the corporation’s network.

Our opinion

What is clear from this list is that your data is not safe on Facebook. More than 1 billion user records were leaked.

You should either delete your Facebook account or at least delete any information that could harm you. Don’t share anything that you don’t want to be publicly available.

Check our advices on how to protect against recurrent massive social network data leaks.

Report a new LinkedIn data leak

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