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Random Face Generator (This Person Does Not Exist)

Generate a random human face in 1 click and upload it! The AI generated fake pictures of people: man, woman or child. Very useful to remain anonymous on the web.

Random Face Generator

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common. Many companies are integrating this technology. The site, proposes a new face for each visit. A commonplace use, one might think, but it should be noted that each face presented does not exist.

Last December, Nvidia presented its AI capable of generating artificial faces from real ones. The software is now available to everyone.

How does it work?

Behind this site is Philip Wang, a software engineer at Uber. Thanks to the development and the use of a generative adversary network or GAN and more precisely the one published by Nvidia: StyleGAN, the faces are generated. In terms of operation, two networks are used. The first one will try to create the image from raw data. The second one is considered as a “judge”, it is him who will decide if the image corresponds to the expectations or not. If it does not, the first network will try again. image 01 image 01


Just go to the site and refresh the page. You will see faces that are all different from each other and yet look realistic. Of course, some of the faces have a few flaws, but this is a great advancement for AI. If you come across one of the photos at random, without knowing the principle of the site, you might think that it is a simple photograph. image 02

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