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10 cards to pay with cryptocurrency

Here is a list of 10 bank cards to pay in cryptocurrency.

10 cards to pay with cryptomoney

Here’s a list of debit cards you can use with cryptocurrency, bitcoin, but not just…

  • CoinsBank: This cryptocurrency exchange system offers four different cards, each with different features and fees. The cards automatically convert bitcoins into several different currencies, including the U.S. dollar and British pound.
  • Xapo: This card links your Xapo account to a card that allows you to pay in stores or online or get cash. It also comes with an app that helps you track your spending and current bitcoin value.
  • Uquid: This card is for eligible users of a Uquid account. It works with GBP, EUR and USD.
  • Cryptopay: This is a prepaid card with a low commission fee. It is available in plastic and virtual versions, so you can choose the one that best suits your current needs. Again, this card works in GBP, USD and EUR.
  • SpectroCoin: This prepaid card allows you to cash out bitcoins at any ATM worldwide. You can also use it as a debit card. Cards can be used in USD, EUR or GBP.
  • Bitpay: This Visa card allows you to load your bitcoins from your virtual wallet. You can then withdraw money or use the card in retail stores.
  • Wirex: This card has a robust online banking application specifically designed for bitcoins. It allows you to store your bitcoins in a digital wallet and spend them in dollars with the card.
  • Bitstamp: This is another virtual wallet option that also offers a plastic prepaid debit card that you can fund with bitcoins.
  • TenX: This is another virtual wallet that also allows you to spend bitcoins in real life.loads bitcoin. It is currently in beta testing for Ethereum, ERC20 and DASH.
  • Polybius: This is a growing project that will support bitcoin, as well as various other cryptocurrencies.


Pay close attention to the fees.


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