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Twinm review: free anonymous messenging and video call app

Twinme is a free secure instant messaging and High-Definition voice/video call application, protecting your privacy and giving you full control over each of your relationships and contents.

Fully anonymous

Twinme don’t ask your name, email, phone number, social network ID… Therefore, they don’t store anything. Users are anonymous.

Furthermore, it does not snoop into your address book to suck your contacts’ phone number and other private information.

Control over contacts

You have to invite each of your contact individually by flashing a QR Code or by sending a registration number.

You choose what pseudo and image to your contact. And contacts cannot be transferred to nor used by anyone else.

Peer-to-peer without any intermediary

All conversations happen in peer-to-peer with no relay server storing contents in-between devices. Data exchanged always stay within devices.

End-to-end encryption

Messages and voice/video calls are end-to-end encrypted . You clear all messages of a conversation on both ends simultaneously in one tap.

Total privacy

Twinme, by desing, will not make possible any unsolicited call, harassment, or spam. Which makes it very secure for kids (who by the way don’t have any phone number).

No advertising

Twinme is free, and does not push you any ads. Unlike most other messaging apps, you are not a product.

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