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Turn off geolocation on browsers, to protect your privacy

Most modern browsers allow websites to request your geolocation. This has legitimate benefits, as it allows websites to tailor their services to your individual needs and makes it easier for them to provide location-specific features.

Geolocation can jeopardize VPN connections

It is also something of a privacy nightmare, as your browser can share your real location with websites even when using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Fortunately, this feature is opt-in by default and you can choose whether to use it on a case-by-case basis. You may, however, wish to turn it off altogether.

Disable geolocation on Firefox

Setup to disable geolocation on Firefox.

Firefox on desktop and Android

Enter about:config into the URL bar and click “I accept the risk” (desktop only).
Type geo.enabled into the Search box and then double-click its entry to set its Value to false.

Disable geolocation on Opera

Setup to disable geolocation on Opera.

Opera on desktop

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Websites -> Location and select “Do not allow any site to track my physical location.”

Disable geolocation on Chrome

Setup to disable geolocation on Chrome.

Chrome on desktop

Go to Menu (≡) -> Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and security -> Content settings -> Location and toggle “Ask before accessing (recommended)” to Blocked.

Chrome on Mobile

Exactly the same as above, except go to Menu (⋮) -> Settings -> Site Settings -> Location.

Disable geolocation on Safari

Setup to disable geolocation on Safari.

Safari on macOS

Go to Safari (top left on Task Bar) -> Preferences… -> Websites – > Location. Select “Deny” for any listed websites you do not want to your geolocation. To prevent all websites from accessing geolocation data in the future, select When visiting other websites: -> Deny.

Safari on iOS

Disable Geolocation on Safari (iOS)
Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services -> toggle button off.

Disable geolocation on IE and Edge

Setup to disable geolocation on MS browsers.

Microsoft Edge

Edge is a Windows Store app, so to disable geolocation go to Window’s Start -> Settings -> Privacy -> Location and toggle “Location” to Off.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Go to Menu (cog icon to top right) -> Internet options -> Privacy tab -> Location and check “never allow websites to request your physical location” -> OK.

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