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Shinjiru and Spamhaus blacklist: DBL, XBL…

You don’t understand why you new site, freshly hosted by Shinjiru, is already on Spamhaus DBL list although you haven’t even had time to write a post or send a mail ?

Who are Shinjiru and Spamhaus ?


Shinjiru is an anonymous hosting service based in Malaysia.


Spamhaus is an international organisation, based in both London and Geneva, that tracks the Internet’s major spammers, spamgangs and spam services. Their backlists are then used by almost all spam engines on the planet.

Shinjiru users on Spamhaus DBL list

For some reasons Spamhaus hates Shinjiru and has decided to shut them down. And for that, they use theirs users as a lever. How ? Very simple… they systematically give poor ratings to blog hosted at Shinjiry and put their sites on blacklists. As a consequence, users do not have much choice but to move away from Shinjiru…

Hidding at Cloudflare

Shinjiry on their side try to bypass the blocking lists by asking their users to hide behing Cloudflare. However, that doesn’t solve the problem. Indeed, web site ranking are still penalised at the end. And mails are systematically rooted to spam folders…

What can you do… ?

Here start the hard things… You have to ask Spamhaus to remove you from blacklist. Spamhaus don’t clearly reply to you, beside saying you should move away from Shinjiry.

Prior to that, you might ask Shinjiru to move you site to clean servers with clean subnet. With no guarantee of being removed from the blacklists.


Basically you are the collateral victim of the disagreement between Shinjiru and Spamhaus.

See what is your priority. Shinjiru’s privacy and Spamhause’s blacklist vs other hosting services ?

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