Tired of advertising in your emails… tired of being spied on by gMail, Yahoo and others? Tired of being the “product”?

There is a 100% free alternative in Switzerland, with 20 GB of storage offered. This host does not scan your emails, does not display any ads and does not sell your data.

Infomaniak respects your privacy

Infomaniak specializes in web hosting and guarantees that it does not analyze or exploit its users’ data in any way. Better still, its messaging solution is 100% free for life and is financed by the other products that the company sells. At no time will you become the product and you will not have to suffer any advertising.

The backup of your emails

All your files will be backed up in Switzerland on at least three media and automatically encrypted to guarantee the integrity and security of your data.

Datacenter Infomaniak
Datacenter Infomaniak

Goodbye GAFAM…

If you want to avoid at all costs the GAFAM companies (Google, Apple, facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), the free email solution ik.me (with contacts, calendar and kDrive cloud storage solution) is an excellent choice.

Sign up for ik.me

The free ik.me email is currently only available from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco. If you don’t live in one of these countries, join the waiting list to be informed as soon as the service is available in your country!

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