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EU Digital COVID Certificate: how to get and store it

The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation entered into application on 01 July 2021. EU citizens and residents will now be able to have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU.

What is the EU Digital COVID Certificate

EU Digital COVID Certificate are presented in the form of a QR code that contains essential information, as well as a digital signature to make sure the certificate is authentic.

What data does the certificate include?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate contains necessary key information such as

  • name,
  • date of birth,
  • date of issuance,
  • relevant information about vaccine/ test/recovery and
  • a unique identifier.

This data remains on the certificate and is not stored or retained when a certificate is verified in another Member State.

Is the data safe?

The certificates will only include a limited set of information that is necessary. This cannot be retained by visited countries. For verification purposes, only the validity and authenticity of the certificate is checked by verifying who issued and signed it. All health data remains with the Member State that issued an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

How to get the EU Digital COVID Certificate ?

EU national authorities are in charge of issuing the certificate. It could, for example, be issued by test centres or health authorities, or directly via an eHealth portal. Information on how to get the certificate should be provided by the national health authorities.

Where to download the EU Digital COVID Certificate

Correct or add the web site of your country in the comment below.

What is the format of the EU Digital COVID Certificate ?

EU Digital COVID Certificate

EU Digital COVID Certificate

Member States have agreed on a common design that can be used for the electronic and paper versions to facilitate the recognition:

  • The digital version can be stored on a mobile device (in a government app, in a PDF, on a picture…).
  • Citizens can also download and print a paper version.

Installing governmental anti-covid application is not an obligation, as the QR Code can be store on the phone as a PDF document.

Key features of the EU Digital COVID Certificate

  • Digital and/or paper format
  • with QR code
  • free of charge
  • in national language and English
  • safe and secure
  • valid in all EU countries

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