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Turn off Alexa to protect your privacy

Using the keyword “By the way” to initiate a search or execute a command on Amazon Alexa is a cool and useful feature. But are you aware that you are opening up one hundred percent of your life to them. Every single moment…. And do you know what Amazon listens and does with transcripts ?

Turn off Alexa to reclaim privacy

How to turn off Alexa assistant on your devices

Open the Alexa app and tap Devices in the lower menu bar, then tap Echo & Alexa at the top.
Scroll to the Echo device you'd like to make a kids's edition and tap its name.
About midway through the next page, tap Amazon Kids, flip the toggle on, then tap Setup Amazon Kids on the next page.
Either select an existing child's profile or tap Add Child to make a new one, then tap through the rest of the pages.

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