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Apple iCloud+ VPN (at no extra charge)

Apple strengthens its all-inclusive privacy offering, with a disposable VPN and email, reserved for paid plans without a price increase.


The new iCloud+ version of the iCloud service offers a higher level of protection for your privacy. This service has three features:

  • Private Relay: a VPN with an Apple twist,
  • Hide My Email, the ability to use disposable email addresses
  • HomeKit Secure Video, a remote monitoring system.

Private Relay: the Apple VPN

The Private Relay function behaves like a VPN (virtual private network) and uses two Internet relays when you make requests, so that no one can identify your original IP address or your destination. Even Apple can’t know what you’re doing.

Hide My Email: the disposable email

Hide My Email allows you to create anonymous aliases for sending mail or registering on sites. These aliases allow you to avoid communicating your real iCloud address. Big advantage over disposable email services is that you can keep them as long as you want and delete them when you don’t need them anymore.

HomeKit Secure Video

HomeKit Secure Video allows you to connect as many surveillance cameras to your iCloud account without having to deduct video recordings from your storage credit.

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