A VPN Kill Switch kill is an advanced feature that disconnects your device from the internet when your VPN connection fails.

This functionality is available on Android.

Reasons for a VPN to stop

  • Deactivation of the VPN at the phone level: If your phone restart, or for any other reasons like bugs. It can be totally unpredictable.
  • Server Malfunction: If your VPN’s server acts up, it will lead to a poor connection. It can be an isolated issue, so you may be able to reconnect to the service through a different server.
  • Server Overload: The VPN servers with the strongest connection can still fail when there’s too many users hooked up to them.
  • Change of VPN Server: You can trigger loss of connection when switching between VPN servers. This will trigger the kill switch to stop your internet access.
  • Inability to Establish a Tunnel: Your VPN may struggle to connect the client and the server via a tunnel because of IP packet filters and proxy server issues.

VPN kill switch on android

Steps to configure your VPN kill switch

Go to Settings → Connections → More connection settings → VPN.

Select the activated VPN service option.

Activate the option 'Always-on VPN'.

Activate the option 'Block connections without VPN'.

Screenshot of VPN kill switch setup on Android

VPN kill switch setup on Android
VPN kill switch setup on Android
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