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Review of Opera VPN vs Firefox or TOR (free)

Opera VPN is a browser with an integrated VPN protecting browsing sessions. This is different from a VPN installed on the computer (PC, Mac…) or on the router. It will not be used to download torrents or encrypt the streams from the phone applications.

Using Opera VPN as a dual VPN

Opera VPN can be used in addition to a classic VPN to double the security, especially on a phone. You can install a VPN like NordVPN, ExpressVPN or PIA VPN, and surf via the Opera VPN browser.

Your phone will be assigned a first new IP address for all applications, except Opera VPN which will display a second IP address, different from the first one.

Opera VPN performance

Even if it is a 100% free VPN, it is very reliable and very fast. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble accessing the sites you want, even with a first VPN installed, including streaming.

Ad blocking

One of the other interesting features of Opera VPN is its ability to block ads and remove tracking features. This feature will save you bandwidth, and you won’t have to install any additional plugins like ublock.


Opera VPN clearly brings an additional level of security on a mobile system, complementing a classic VPN, without additional cost or loss of speed. So it scores a point on Firefox. It also scores a point on Tor Brower (where exit points can be monitored).

1 thought on “Review of Opera VPN vs Firefox or TOR (free)”

  1. Here are a few feedbacks on Opera:
    – the free VPN is catastrophically slow
    – it has been bough by Chinese
    – VPN is operated from Canasa

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