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How to uninstall Google Mail and Youtube on Android ?

Bloatware is a type of software that comes preinstalled on a smartphone (or on a computer). It takes up space, reduces battery life, and cripples performance. It also increase the attack surface for attackers.

Uninstall Google Mail and Youtube

Those apps are part of Google Android: there are preloaded system apps and are considered “system app”. Therefore they can not be deleted ! 🙁

Disable Google bloatwares

They can not be deleted, but they can be disabled. That will make the app not appear on the phone or app drawer anymore (this all depends on which phone you have…).

To do this, go to settings > general > apps > app info… then scroll down and click on YouTube.. from here, you can:

  1. press “DISABLE APP”,
  2. and then press “FORCE STOP”.
Uninstall preinstalled Google bloatwares

Uninstall preinstalled Google bloatwares

List of Google bloatwares

List of preinstalled Google bloatwares:

  • Google
  • Google Mail
  • Youtube
  • ….

Reinstall blotwares

You can alway reinstall those apps (or reactivate those apps) later by clicking “TURN ON”.

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