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How to pay in bitcoins with a VISA / Mastercard bank card?

There are many cards that allow you to pay in bitcoin… well, to pay in euros, but by debiting your bitcoin account to be precise.

Bitcoin VISA / Mastercard bank card

However, be careful to study the different fees.

Cryptopay Bitcoin debit card

The Cryptopay debit card is one of the most popular options for people who like to spend bitcoins. It is based in the European Union.

Its benefits include low fees and free shipping worldwide. It is accepted everywhere where major credit and debit cards are accepted.

The downside of this debit card is that there will be a fee for loading and you will have to pay a maintenance fee. This is common, but the fees are not unreasonable.

So beware of the fees. There is also a limit to the amount you can load onto this debit card until you are verified. This limit is pretty generous, but it’s something you should know before you sign up.

Spectrocoin Visa Debit Card

Spectrocoin is one of the easiest debit cards to use to spend your bitcoins. Getting this card is very simple and you can use it almost immediately.

Loading money onto your card is also quick and easy. It is associated with Visa, which makes it a widely accepted card from the start.

The shipping costs for this card are high, however. Using a real plastic card in stores will cost you quite a bit.

Uquid Visa Debit Card

Uquid is a good debit card option for anyone who wants to have multiple cards. Thanks to the association with Visa, it will be easy to use this card in most stores.

You can get a card from this company without having to go through an identity verification process. This simplifies things and allows you to use your bitcoin as you wish.

However, the connection to the site is not obvious, the interface is not intuitive, is the English of the site more than approximate.

BitPay Visa debit card

BitPay is one of the most well-known companies, and you should not have any bad surprises when using this card worldwide. Like the others, it is associated with Visa.

The associated fees are reasonable, and it’s easy to see why this card is so prevalent. If you are looking for a good American based card, this may be the best option for you.

One negative is that this card is only available to US residents. You must also use a standard home address to get this debit card.

These cards will not be shipped to a P.O. Box, and you will also need to provide your driver’s license and social security number to apply.

Xapo Debit Card

Xapo is one of the first companies to issue Bitcoin debit cards. This makes it a reliable company that can offer you a good experience.

This is an easy debit card to get, and it will be shipped to you in most countries around the world. If you are looking for a simple application process, this will be one of the preferred methods.

Be careful what you plan to use it for, though, as some of the fees are excessive, such as they charge a fee for changing your personal identification number.

They also do not offer smart cards. Translated with (free version)


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