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Gaps: CloudFlare vs Jetpack vs Google Analytics (2021)

Analytics uses data and math to answer business questions, discover relationships, predict unknown outcomes and automate decisions. But figures can vary pretty much between CloudFlare Web Analytics, WP Jetpack Stats and Insights and Google Analytics.

CloudFlare vs Jetpack vs Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you the tools you need to better understand your customers. You can then use those business insights to take action, such as improving your website, creating tailored audience lists, and more.

Google Analytics tend to be very detailed. However, it is very intrusive, it slow down your website with javascript, and miss quite a lot of visitors (all those who have javascript or privacy blockers).

WP Jetpack Stats and Insights

Getting in-depth stats strait from your dashboard is pretty easy since it is included in the Jetpack menu. On the primary Dashboard screen, you can see a more detailed overview of your site’s traffic. The “View detailed stats” button allows you to view your stats within your dashboard.

CloudFlare Web Analytics

Popular analytics vendors glean visitor and site data in return for web analytics. With business models driven by ad revenue, many analytics vendors track visitor behaviour on your website and create buyer profiles to retarget your visitors with ads. This is not Cloudflare’s model.

Cloudflare Web Analytics does not use any client-side state, such as cookies or localStorage, to collect usage metrics. They also don’t “fingerprint” individuals via their IP address, user agent string, or any other data for the purpose of displaying analytics.

Therefore is not fast, non-invasive as it respects the privacy of your visitors and more exhaustive. However, it is not so detailed.


CloudFlare Web Analytics may report until 10 times more visitors than Google Analytics or WP Jetpack Stats and Insights because it logs everything, without slowing your site. So despite an more basic interface, we like it better compared to Jetpack vs Google Analytics.

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