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How to get free Microsoft PDF creator? (Office Online)

Microsoft Office Online is a free online version of Microsoft Office accessible from a web browser or from the free MS Office app (iPhone or Android).

PDF creator

Convert your files to PDF

You can convert all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Online files into PDF files for free.

Just click from any Office Online document on:
> File
> Save as
> Download as PDF

Getting started with Microft Office Online

The easiest way is to connect to OneDrive (or to create an account if necessary):

Then just click on “New” to create a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, or import existing files.

The free Microsoft Office Online application, on your phone

The Office suite (Word Online, Excel Online, Powerpoint Online, OneNote Online…) is available for free on iPhone an/tag/word-online/d Android phones.

For this, it is recommended to install two applications:

  1. the free Microsoft Office application, which will allow you to edit your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. files: Google Play Store / Apple App Store
  2. the free application Microsoft OneDrive, to easily locate your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. files. : Google Play Store / Apple App Store

In other words, you locate your files in OneDrive, which transparently launches the Office application to be able to edit them…

Create your free Office Online account

Create your free Microsoft OneDrive account, to use Office Online and edit your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note documents…

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