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Tips on exporting and storing your pictures from Google Photos

The end of free unlimited storage on Google Photos is imminent. Starting June 1, 2021, users who want to continue using the service will have to check out once their free storage allowance is full.

Moving your photos out of Google even if it is forced, can only be an excellent idea anyway.

Exporting Google photos

before opting for a third-party service, you might want to think about exporting the photos stored in Google Photos.

You can export them easily on this page:

Google Photos

Google Photos

Storing Google photos

Several options are possible to store your photos; NAS and cloud apps permit to manage efficiently your pictures album. Both also automatically upload photos from your mobile.

Storing photos on your NAS

The fist option is to store them on a NAS you bought, and manage them in a media manager like Plex.

Storing photos on other clouds

Some clouds like pCloud offer a lifetime subscription and a pretty handy app to manage your pictures.

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